Jul 6, The 15 most important things every man should know about his penis. Sep 12, There is a restaurant in Beijing that specializes in serving penises. The restaurant , called Guolizhuang, has 30 different varieties of penises and has been featured . Nov 03,  · The 10 strangest facts about penises These great thinkers were referring so exasperatedly, so powerlessly, to none other than the penis. Jun 05,  · So wouldn’t it be kind of fun to learn some crazy and interesting facts about a Read More. Gurl 6 outdated crazy and interesting penis. Fun facts about the penis слова застревали Aug 20, For every 35 or so pounds that a man gains, his penis will appear an inch smaller . Napoleon was rumored to be totin' a notoriously small cock, causing him to freak out and attempt conquering the world. The ancient Greeks favored itty-bitty male organs, deeming them more visually pleasing than veiny. Nov 2, Simone de Beauvoir called it "a small person an alter ego usually more sly and more clever than the individual." Leonardo da Vinci said it "has dealings with human intelligence and sometimes displays an intelligence of its own." Sophocles said that having one was to be "chained to a madman.". Jun 1, The human dick no not the ass hole at the bar from the last night, the thing between your legs. Here are a few fun facts about the dick that you may not know. There are two correct plural terms for “penis”: “penises” and “penes.” penis-facts- Penises get smaller if you smoke. penis-facts

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